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Tim Allen talks childhood toys

Tim Allen has confessed he used to love playing kitchens with his Easy Bake oven as a child.

The Toy Story 3 star, who voices macho spaceman Buzz Lightyear, also joked he was a fan of Barbie's dream house, but admitted the Easy Bake oven fascinated him as it could actually cook.

Tim joked: "I liked Barbie's dream house. That and my Easy Bake oven.

"I actually did like Easy Bake ovens because you could make cakes. With a light bulb. Go figure that out."

But he added his favourite toy was a more macho boys toy called Star Command.

He said: "It was an actual styrene missile. that came out.

"The slogan on the box was 'a great way to put out an eye'. It wasn't a warning then it was an actual styrene. That was when toys were toys and boys were men."

Tom Hanks, who voices cowboy Woody revealed: "My favourite toy growing up was Major Matt Mason.

"I saved money to buy Major Matt Mason. He was a bendable, opposable, astronaut during the Apollo space programme. I remember they cost a dollar 95 at Clark's drug store in Red Bluff, California. That was essentially two bucks but if you had a dollar 52, guess what? You weren't buying the Major Matt Mason, you didn't have enough. That was it for me."

::Toy Story 3 is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.


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