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Tim Roth warns against BBC across-the-board pay cuts

The actor was not sure that a recent report on salaries by the broadcaster was a good idea.

Actor Tim Roth has criticised the BBC’s move to reveal the pay of its highest earning employees as he suggested that it could allow the broadcaster to lower pay rates all round.

The recently revealed list, topped by Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans’ seven-figure sum, sparked heated public debate, with many saying that it highlighted the industry-wide gender pay gap.

But the Twin Peaks star, 56, said that making the numbers public would do nothing to help even the balance.

Tim Roth was not sure the BBC’s report was a good idea (Yui Mok/PA)

He told the audience at a Q&A event on Thursday: “The BBC should not have been forced to do that.

“You want to watch out with moves like that, from any organisation that does such extraordinary work, that they don’t drop all rates down to the women’s level.”

He continued: “That’s bullshit.

Chris Evans was the highest-paid star (Nick Ansell/PA)

“They need to raise everybody’s pay to the men’s level because, if there is a disparity, then everybody should travel first class.

“The BBC need to sort out that issue or people will just get up and go somewhere else.

“It would be too easy for them to just drop the pay and then say they’ve created parity.”

The report highlighted some shocking disparity (Jonathan Brady/PA)

His comments came as he attended a launch for upcoming series, Tin Star, at London’s Bafta headquarters.

Roth takes the lead role as a British police officer and father transferred to a small Canadian town in Rowan Joffe’s dark but comical drama.

He explained that, while initially drawn to the “bonkers” script, he had reservations about travelling to film in Calgary, a part of Alberta where he has previously worked and described as “Trump-land in Canada”.

BBC director-general Lord Hall has been called on to tackle the gender pay gap (Justin Tallis/PA)

Roth and Joffe both commented on the “horrific” issues that have arisen from the “invasion of local culture” in the area’s history and said that diversity plays a key role in the plot.

Tin Star airs on Sky Atlantic on September 7.


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