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Tina Fey 'starstruck' by Muppets

Tina Fey has admitted she was completely starstruck when she first met Kermit the Frog on the set of the new Muppets movie.

The 30 Rock star plays Russian prison guard Nadya in the hotly-anticipated sequel, which sees Kermit incarcerated in a Siberian gulag. Speaking on the red carpet at the world premiere of Muppets Most Wanted, Tina said she had to battle to keep her cool.

"I just had to pretend I wasn't freaking out. I had to play it really cool and fake it till you make it because that guy is a big star," she revealed.

"I grew up watching the Muppet Show and Sesame Street and saw all the movies and was lucky enough to work with them on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock so in my mind I am an honorary Muppet, but that's more to do with the way my body moves."

Tina's character develops an inappropriate crush on the green frog and she said she is now very close to him off-camera: "We now have lunch every Thursday," she joked.

Modern Family star Ty Burrell, who plays an Interpol agent pursuing the Muppets through Europe, was also overwhelmed by his co-stars.

"I was pretty starstruck but after a couple of hours they become your scene partner and then something even weirder happens and you start talking to them between takes like they are an actual human being. I don't know what is weirder," he said.

Kermit revealed the Muppets are proud of their latest big-screen outing, saying: "It is quite wonderful. We're quite happy with it," while his long-term girlfriend Miss Piggy said: "I love it and all my fans are going to love it too when they see me. I prefer to do a movie with just Kermy and I, but I respect he has friends."

Kermit added: "I had to do a lot of studying in order to learn how to be a prisoner, because that's not who I am."

Muppets Most Wanted, which also stars Ricky Gervais and Tom Hiddleston, arrives in UK cinemas on March 28.


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