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Tippi: Hitchcock ruined my career

Tippi Hedren has said she survived working with Alfred Hitchcock - but her career was another matter.

The veteran actress' experience on the famed British film director's The Birds in 1963 and Marnie a year later is dramatised in new HBO film The Girl.

In the film, Hitchcock is portrayed as obsessed with Hedren and vindictive when the actress rejects his advances.

The director "ruined my career, but he didn't ruin my life", Hedren told a meeting of the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills.

She had to fight to get out of her contract with Hitchcock and lost roles because of it, she said in an interview.

Sienna Miller, who spoke to the critics' meeting by telephone, plays Hedren and Toby Jones is Hitchcock in The Girl, which debuts on HBO on October 20.

During the session, Miller and Hedren, 82, exchanged long-distance pleasantries that apparently referred to a newcomer in Miller's life. According to reports, the 30-year-old actress gave birth to a baby girl, Marlow, in early July.

"How's Marlow?" Hedren asked.

"She's screaming upstairs," Miller replied.


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