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Tom Allen: I ate so much cake during Bake Off filming that my waistcoat exploded

The comedian said he enjoys the perks of hosting Bake Off: The Professionals


Tom Allen (Matt Alexander/PA)

Tom Allen (Matt Alexander/PA)

Tom Allen (Matt Alexander/PA)

Tom Allen has said he had to change some of his outfit choices while filming Bake Off: The Professionals because he had eaten so many cakes.

The comedian, who hosts the show with Liam Charles, said the pair embrace the opportunity to taste as much of the cooking as they can.

He said: “I think when Liam and I first started the show, we were quite timid about it because we were younger and more naive and we didn’t get to try very much because there are various people that try it including the judges but now we’re much better at elbowing our way to the front, I would say.

“Often if we’re very worried about it, we just eat during the judging now, but we have to do it in a secretive way.

“Liam and I are very much the children who have broken into the kitchen and are scampering around trying to steal cakes a lot of the time.

“I certainly ate a load of cakes. I think we both did. I had to change some of my outfit choices after the show had finished filming because I had eaten so many cakes.

“On one occasion, I was wearing a waistcoat and I sat down and it exploded! I definitely enjoyed some cakes.”

He added: “I think I need to wear Spandex, actually, I think I need some spanx or something.”

Discussing if hosting the show has improved his own cooking, he said: “I’ve done absolutely nothing. I learnt to eat things, though, that’s the main thing. And really enjoy things before I shove them in my gob.

“I did have a dream during filming that I knew how to make croissants, but even in my dream I messed them up. So, I guess no is the answer!

“But I do appreciate things more and I think that I’ve never been able to see short crust pastry in the same way since doing the show.

“This year my favourite one was mille-feuille which I always thought was a custard slice but I upped my game and it’s not a custard slice, it’s a mille-feuille and when it’s done properly it’s really nice, not like those slightly damp skanky pastries I experienced in my youth and I really learnt how to appreciate the many layers of a cake like that.”

Bake Off: The Professionals airs on Channel 4 from May 26