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Tom Cruise headed into Oblivion?

Tom Cruise is apparently in early negotiations to star in the science fiction love story Oblivion, from the director of Tron: Legacy.

The film, based on a graphic novel by director Joseph Kosinski, is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which the Earth's surface has been destroyed and most people live in clouds, to escape the alien scavengers who stalk the uninhabitable land.

Deadline reports that War of the Worlds star Tom would play a soldier working to repair the drones who patrol the surface. His character one day stumbles across a beautiful woman in a crash-landed craft, setting off a chain of events which call into question everything he knows.

Universal is said to be in talks to finance the project after it was dropped by Disney, who produced Kosinski's film debut Tron: Legacy.

Universal recently dropped plans to make Guillermo del Toro's 3D epic At the Mountains of Madness, which was also due to star Tom, as it reportedly could not justify such a huge budget on an R-rated film.


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