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Tom Cruise still finds movies fun

Tom Cruise has said he's still having fun making movies, even though he's been a Hollywood star for three decades.

The actor has been in Seoul to promote Jack Reacher, a thriller adapting Lee Child's novel One Shot, part of the best-selling series about a mysterious ex-military investigator.

Appearing at a news conference with director Christopher McQuarrie and co-star Rosamund Pike, Tom said: "It was so much fun making the film."

Rosamund, who played James Bond girl Miranda Frost in Die Another Day in 2002, said she and Tom enjoyed good on-screen chemistry - something she said she "never thought" she'd say.

It was Tom's fifth trip to South Korea, where Jack Reacher opens next Thursday. The 50-year-old actor was in Tokyo earlier in the week for the film's Japan premiere.


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