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Tom Hanks nearly crashes scooter

Tom Hanks has revealed he and Julia Roberts had a near-miss while riding a scooter during the filming of their latest movie.

Tom, who co-stars with Julia in Larry Crowne, narrowly avoided crashing while shooting a scene with the Eat, Pray, Love star on the back of the bike.

"The one scene where I'm driving her home, I did almost run into a car," he admitted to reporters at the film's Hollywood premiere.

And the 54-year-old, who produced, wrote and directed the film, joked: "She said, 'you almost killed us both' and I said, ''shhh, shhh, I don't want the director to find out!'"

Larry Crowne marks Tom's return to directing after a 15-year break, but the Toy Story star said the key to moving behind the camera was preparation.

"You just plan for the long haul, you plan out your shots, you don't panic, you stay nice and calm if you can, and just shoot as fast as you can," he revealed.


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