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Tom Hardy: I like to play 'losers'


Tom Hardy stars in The Drop

Tom Hardy stars in The Drop

Tom Hardy stars in The Drop

Tom Hardy has said he is drawn to playing the underdog.

The 37-year-old Star Trek: Nemesis and The Dark Knight Rises actor stars as a lonely and isolated bartender who's drawn into the Brooklyn underworld in new film The Drop, co-starring Noomi Rapace.

"The most interesting characters are often hidden under rocks, and pushed into small corners of society where they don't often have their voice heard," he said.

"I'm always fascinated by characters that don't get the opportunity to speak and have a great affection for losers; for people whose days have gone really badly, when the world is upon them and they've got no hope. I like that."

The Peaky Blinders star said he enjoyed immersing himself entirely in the role.

"It's not for everybody," he admitted. "There's a risk of looking stupid, but there's also a certain level of, whether it's vanity or not, the enjoyment of the thrill of trying to transform and genuinely become someone other than yourself."

:: The Drop is in cinemas now.