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Tom Hiddleston battles in the snow

Tom Hiddleston's has been left battling the elements, as the big freeze has hit the fight scenes on his latest project.

The War Horse star is appearing as Prince Hal opposite Jeremy Irons in Richard Eyre's new adaptations of Shakespeare's Henry IV parts one and two and Henry V for the BBC.

Tom revealed as he sipped champagne at a pre-Bafta party: "This morning I was rolling around in the snow on a farm in Rickmansworth getting mud and snow stuck in my chainmail.

"I had a sword in my hand, there were 20 horses on the brow of the hill, it was minus five and I was running around in the snow pretending to be a medieval Prince of Wales, and now I'm here."

The Thor star caught up with fellow Orange Rising Star Award nominee Adam Deacon at the party thrown by Orange and Esquire to celebrate new talent.

Director and star of Anuvahood Adam revealed he was pleased to be recognised by the awards as he felt critics had looked down on his film about London street life.

Tom agreed: "Society is so rigorously adherent to... we're encouraged to stay in our lanes. If we could break through that and put less credence and less stock in the class system that we've inherited, the stories we could tell would be even more interesting than they already are.

"Adam and I are actors, I think I should be in the next film ending in 'hood' and Adam should be War Horse 2! I think it's time we shook it up a bit."

Adam laughed: "You heard it here. I'm going to get Tom in Anuvahood 2."


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