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Tom Holland: Spider-Man role 'doesn't feel real' yet


Tom Holland arriving for the European premiere of In the Heart of the Sea at the Empire, Leicester Square in London

Tom Holland arriving for the European premiere of In the Heart of the Sea at the Empire, Leicester Square in London

Tom Holland arriving for the European premiere of In the Heart of the Sea at the Empire, Leicester Square in London

Tom Holland has said being cast as Spider-Man "doesn't feel real" yet.

The 19-year-old, best known for his stage role in Billy Elliot the Musical, was speaking at an event to promote his new movie, In The Heart Of The Sea.

Holland was announced as Spider-Man earlier this year in June.

He will first play the comic book hero in 2016 release Captain America: Civil War before starring in his own as-yet-untitled Spider-Man film due for release in 2017.

When asked about his big Hollywood casting, he said: "It doesn't feel real to me, but my life hasn't changed. I wear nicer clothes occasionally now, but that's about it.

"I'm taking every day as it comes and there's very little preparation that you can do apart from making sure you remain grounded and keep the people that are close to you close and my main goal at the moment is to make sure my work doesn't fall below a certain calibre."

He added: "I want to make sure that yes, I'll do these big blockbuster movies but I want to continue on with the small, independent movies and make sure I don't lose touch with that side of the industry."

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The London-born actor is not concerned about making his Spider-Man debut in a Captain America film.

"Civil War will be a brilliant movie, a huge movie and I'll have the support of the success of that movie so that I can go on to my own," he insisted.

"It was also a real eye-opener to what it will be like when I start my film. I think the problem with Civil War for me was that it made me 10 times more excited to start on Spider-Man, but we don't start for months so I've got to sit on that excitement for the moment."

From Ron Howard, Oscar-winning director of A Beautiful Mind and Apollo 13, In The Heart Of The Sea is based on Nathaniel Philbrick's best-selling book.

Beginning in 1820, it tells the story of a real-life maritime disaster when New England whaling ship Essex was attacked by a huge whale - an event that inspired Herman Melville's Moby-Dick.

Braving storms, starvation, panic and despair, the ship's surviving crew are forced to do the unthinkable to stay alive.

Holland plays young seaman Tom Nickerson, with actor Brendan Gleeson portraying the older Nickerson.

The film stars Chris Hemsworth and the impressive ensemble cast includes Cillian Murphy as second mate Matthew Joy and B en Whishaw as novelist Herman Melville, whose inquiries into the event 30 years later helped bring the story to light.

Peaky Blinders actor Murphy called the production process "a very immersive experience".

On the same subject, he added: "Some films aren't. Some films you turn up and are playing someone quite like you and some films you really have to dive in and it consumes you and this was one of those - though we didn't consume much!"

The Dark Knight Rises star also took the opportunity to tease series three of Peaky Blinders.

He promised fans of BBC Two's acclaimed post-First World War drama an "incredibly strong" instalment in 2016.

"We finish shooting at the end of January. We've got a great cast this year and I think the writing is incredibly strong. You shoot more on television that's for sure," Murphy said.

"Six-page scenes, you might do two of those in a day so you're constantly on, but it's great because there's no sitting around in trailers, you're always on set."

:: In The Heart Of The Sea is released on December 26 in the UK.

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