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Tom Wilkinson happiest at home

Tom Wilkinson has admitted he didn't enjoy the exotic location of his latest movie because he hates being away from home.

The Mission: Impossible 3 star, who filmed The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in India, told The Guardian that travel is not high on his wish-list.

"I never got over the trauma of being in India, really," said the double Oscar nominee of the film, about a group of retirees who discover a new life in the country.

"I've not a good traveller," the actor admitted. "I never used to mind all the time away from home, the hanging around, but now I think 'Oh, what time is it? Come on!'."

Travel is not the only thing that gets Tom's goat.

Along with wearing jeans, The Full Monty star said that ageism is a real bone of contention, pointing to shopping trips where staff offer to pack his bags.

"Well I bristle," said Tom. "Do they think I'm incapable? They say 'We ask everyone'. But I say 'Well you didn't ask that woman over there!'."


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