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Towie's Gemma Collins talks of heartache over her low egg count

She was told she cannot freeze her eggs.

The Only Way Is Essex star Gemma Collins has said she blamed herself after she was told she was unable to freeze her eggs.

The reality star learned she had too low an egg count to freeze them during a visit to a fertility clinic on the ITVBe show and has since said she feared it was because of her lifestyle.

Gemma, 36, told ITV’s Loose Women: “I thought ‘is it something I’ve done? Have I taken the morning-after pill too many times?’ I did have a miscarriage and you just start beating yourself up.

“When I spoke to the doctor he said from the day you’re born you have got so many eggs and there is nothing you can do.”

However, Gemma said it was hard getting such devastating news on camera.

She said: “We are filming the show and I was like ‘I’m going to go and get my eggs frozen’. At my age all my friends have got children, they are married and every weekend I’m on my own.

“I thought ‘What if I never meet someone?’ I really want to be a mum so I started feeling really unfulfilled and starting getting myself into situations of going into a bar and thinking ‘He would be all right looking to have a baby with’.

“I just thought ‘I’m living a nightmare’ so I didn’t realise how devastating it was going to end up being.

“I went to the clinic and they said ‘It’s not going to work for you, you’ve got a really low count’.

“I was going to throw an egg-freezing party on Towie so it was all quite positive and when they had to deliver that news to me on the camera and it was awful.

“But the show has been going for a long time and we have such a loyal following it’s only fair I share my life with our fans.

“Sometimes you really do have to give your heart and soul. People think we have this flashy lifestyle but no amount of money is going to give me a baby.”

She continued: “I really hope and pray every night that I will meet a wonderful person and fall in love.

“I don’t give up hope. If I don’t meet that man I will go on to have a baby on my own because I’ve got a lot of love to give to a child and I could give a child a lovely life.

“As much as I would love the dream and the family unit, if it doesn’t happen I will do it on my own. Nothing is going to stop me.”


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