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Trailer for James Bond film Spectre watched 3,000 times a minute

The trailer for the new James Bond film Spectre has notched up 4.5 million plays on YouTube in its first 24 hours online - the equivalent of 3,000 plays per minute.

Fans of 007 have already ensured the action-packed montage will be one of the most-watched YouTube movie clips of the year.

The figure of 4.5 million is almost a half of the total plays to date for the trailer for Home, another of the year's big films, which has been online since June 13 last year.

But Bond still has some way to go to beat the 76.4 million views for the trailer for Avengers: Age Of Ultron, currently this year's highest-grossing film in the UK.

The Avengers trailer has been online since October 22 last year, and is still receiving around 318,000 views a day.

Spectre is not due for release until October 26, meaning there is plenty of time for 007 to catch up with his big-screen rival.

If interest in the trailer remains at its current level, the number of plays would overtake Avengers: Age of Ultron within three weeks.

Other hit trailers of 2015 on YouTube include Fifty Shades Of Grey (currently on 74.2 million views), Jurassic World (73.9 million) and Fast And Furious 7 (62.6 million).