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Trainspotting stars reunited again

Trainspotting star Ewen Bremner said he had a fantastic time cooking alongside Ewan McGregor as chefs in their new film Perfect Sense.

The pair - who have also worked together on Black Hawk Down and the upcoming Jack The Giant Killer - were trained to cook like professional chefs in David Mackenzie's new film.

Ewen said: "Me and Ewan were schooled up quite well in advance then we were working alongside lots of real chefs and real waiting staff as well.

"We trained with a chef called Guy Cowan, who runs Guy's restaurant in Glasgow.

"He taught us everything he possibly could to do with running a kitchen and preparing the dishes we needed to prepare in the film - from scratch to the perfectly presented contemporary cuisine."

The Scottish actor said it was "fantastic" to work with Ewan again.

He added: "We've just finished our fourth film together this year and it was an excellent time. I'm always pleased to work with him. It's a treat.

The pair recently finished filming Bryan Singer's new big screen adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk, which is due out next year.

Ewen said: "Jack The Giant Killer went well. They're working away with it in the CGI studios now. Bryan is quite a director."


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