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Transformers stars drawn to Bay

Mark Wahlberg has said he will only do more Transformers movies if they are directed by Michael Bay.

The Hollywood star said he would only reprise his role as a mechanic who strikes up a friendship with good-guy robot Optimus Prime if Bay was involved and admitted it was the filmmaker who had first drawn him to the role.

Mark said the idea of joining the franchise came while he and Michael were working on last year's film, Pain And Gains.

He said: "I've never done a sequel to any of the movies that I've done and this is my first instalment in the series. So, still not really a sequel for me. Just thought it was fun to do something different and I really wanted to work with Michael."

While he is signed up to appear in more Transformers films, he said: "I'm not doing it if Michael doesn't do it. So we'll see what happens."

And Kelsey Grammer said he didn't mind playing the villain since he got the chance to work with Michael.

"It's like throwing a lot of things up in the air at one time, and somehow he pulls them back down, and sticks them in his movie. He's got so many ideas all the time. His mind is so quick and rich, and creative. It's kind of like a wild ride just to work with him."

As a father of four, Mark saw his scenes with on-screen daughter Nicola Peltz as a sign of things to come and says he's fiercely protective of his own two daughters. "I'm not excited about that part of it," he admitted of their becoming teenagers.

And 19-year-old Nicola said she took Mark's advice to come to the film set extra prepared.

"He told me, 'Before you go to set, know your script, know your lines, know everything about the script'," she revealed.

"Because you'll go to set, sometimes Michael will pick a scene not supposed to be filmed in a month. He'll be like, 'Let's just shoot it today' So it's really good to be extra prepared on a Michael Bay film."


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