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Travolta: Savages is a love story

John Travolta feels his new film Savages is a love story at heart.

The Pulp Fiction star plays a corrupt cop in Oliver Stone's new thriller, which follows a trio of young marijuana dealers sucked into the world of Mexican drug cartels.

"It's quintessential Oliver Stone, the writing, the directing, the careful performances, the tone: it's current, it matters," Travolta explained.

And despite the film's violent, raunchy tone, the actor insists that Savages, which also stars Blake Lively, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Taylor Kitsch and Salma Hayek, has emotion at its core.

The Grease star said: "This movie says something and yet entertains like crazy. And yet through all of this - current events, political overtones, violence, sexiness, whatever you want to call it, there's what will you do for love.

"Because the whole movie is about what two guys would do for somebody they love."


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