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Trump’s GoT-style social media posts are offensive – Conleth Hill

The actor plays Varys in the hit fantasy series.


Conleth Hill (Ian West/PA)

Conleth Hill (Ian West/PA)

Conleth Hill (Ian West/PA)

Game Of Thrones star Conleth Hill has said it is “offensive” that Donald Trump uses lettering similar to the show’s in some of his social media posts.

Last year the US president referenced the TV series in a tweet about sanctions against Iran.

Using a font reminiscent of the show and apparently playing on its slogan “Winter is coming”, he tweeted: “Sanctions are coming.”

In January he followed it with a post saying: “The wall is coming.”

Hill, who plays Varys in the series, said: “I found that so offensive, that he uses our lettering and our font.”

Discussing how Game Of Thrones resonates in the current climate, the actor said: “Nothing changes, history is cyclical, we never learn.

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“As humans, we never learn that all this falsehood and fake news, which is what he (Trump) chose to call it, but it’s alright for him to be fake? And tell lies, and false information.

“But that’s what is so observant about the show. If you think about the amount of false things that was said in the show about people in the show by other characters…”

He said of Trump: “I just don’t understand how he’s still there. He continually lies, he continually gives false information.

“I don’t think he should be killed, or tried, but it’s just like, ‘Don’t come out with bullshit about the border!”

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