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Twin Peaks stars on unique and inspiring David Lynch

Kyle MacLachlan revealed how David Lynch asked him to play Agent Dale Cooper again over a damn fine cup of coffee.

Twin Peaks stars discussed the mystery and mastery of David Lynch, as well as how the director handles an improvising actor.

Lynch was not present at a panel discussion at Comic-Con San Diego on Friday, but he dominated the conversation.

Naomi Watts and Tim Roth shared praise for David Lynch (Powers Imagery/AP)

Kyle MacLachlan, Naomi Watts, Tim Roth and Matthew Lillard were among the cast in attendance.

MacLachlan said he believed Lynch would not revive the show during its 26-year hiatus, until he received a “cryptic” phone call from the director to arrange a meeting.

Over a cup of coffee, Lynch asked him to play Agent Dale Cooper again and the actor replied: “I’ve never left Twin Peaks, David.”

The actor said: “He’s fantastic. His belief in his process and his vision and his point of view is so profound and focused and he inspires me that way.”

Watts, a newcomer to the show, said she had badgered Lynch to work with her again after 2001’s Mulholland Drive.

She said: “I still get a little star-stuck around David because he’s just so unique and he’s living in another world. It’s one that you look up to and want to be a part of.”

Lillard, another newcomer, said he still has not watched the original show and finds the Showtime revival quite bizarre.

“I think it’s weird,” he said. “It’s a little strange. You guys saw episode eight right? That’s crazy.”

Roth, who described the director as “intriguing”, also admitted to not having seen all the show and said he would sit down with his children to binge-watch it all.

MacLachlan told how Jim Belushi was quickly put in his place after getting carried away and improvising a line.

“We heard, ‘Cut’,” MacLachlan said. “And we sat there and David has one of those megaphones and he said: ‘Mr Belushi do I have to report you to the principal’s office?’”

The show’s plot has been a well-kept secret and even MacLachlan said he is watching the show “unfold” for the first time as it is being aired.

“I like to watch at home alone with a glass of wine,” he said.

Lost creator Damon Lindelof moderated the discussion and revealed that his show would not have existed without Twin Peaks, adding: “I owe my entire career to this incredible show.”


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