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Twitter king Stephen Fry gets his tongue round Irish language

Stephen Fry has filmed a cameo role in the west coast of Ireland - speaking Irish

The actor-cum-writer, a tweeter with more than two million followers, was in the West to film a cameo role for the popular TG4 soap, 'Ros na Run'.

The actor arrived in the West via Shannon Airport after his flight into Knock was diverted because of freezing fog. He headed straight for the Connemara Isles golf club in Eanach Mheain, one of the most picturesque courses on the west coast.

There he was joined for a quick round by Paidi O Lionaird, presenter of TG4's flagship current affairs programme, '7 La'.

Some time afterwards, Fry told his 2,017,075 followers on Twitter: "Off to do some lobstering in Rossaveal. I shall lurch slightly on account on the six pints of Guinness hospitably poured down my throat."

At Rossaveal he put to sea in a lobster boat as part of his cameo for 'Ros Na Run'.

Afterwards he said: "Connemara is pretty extraordinary. It's like the sea -- wet and very cold, but actually it's beautiful."

Yesterday evening, Fry told his followers on Twitter: "In the 'Ros na Run' studio being made up for my Irish-speaking appearance. Eek, hope my accent isn't too dire.

"I'm doing a documentary on languages and this is the heartland of Irish-speaking Ireland -- we're just having conversations about the language and how it goes forward and whether the young generation are picking it up and the rest of it.

"I will be playing a bewildered tourist on 'Ros na Run'. The great thing is, because I'm a tourist, I don't have to speak it very well, just make an effort," he said.

Appropriately enough, given the nature of his earlier hospitality, his cameo on the Irish language soap was filmed on the set of the local pub. He wanders into Tigh Thaidhg, looking for directions, unaware that he has arrived at the pub of soapworld's crankiest publican, Tadhg O Direain (Macdara O Fatharta).

The filming was completed on a closed set in Spiddal with no media present. Series producer Hugh Farley said that the entire 'Ros na Run' team were delighted with how the shoot went.

"He was an absolute pleasure to work with and I have to say we were all very impressed with his command of the Irish language."

Source Irish Independent

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