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Universal's top movie moments named

ET's cycle flight in front of the moon has been named the most memorable scene ever from 100 years of movies made by cinema giant Universal.

Film fans ranked the clip ahead of runner-up Jaws with its unforgettable line delivered by Roy Scheider: "You're gonna need a bigger boat."

Universal commissioned its poll to coincide with its centenary.

The winning scene, set to John Williams' famous score, dates back to 1982 as the lovable alien is carried in the basket of a bicycle pedalled by his friend Elliott in ET: The Extra Terrestrial.

Third place in the list of memorable scenes went to the triumphant moment in Back To The Future when Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) powers the time-travelling DeLorean with a bolt of lightning.

Universal is to reissue 15 of its most famous films including Mamma Mia!, The Birds, Jurassic Park and Gladiator, on DVD and Blu-ray in special edition packaging.


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