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US presidential race a 'great story', says The Accountant star Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck stars in the film's lead role

Ben Affleck stars in the film's lead role

Ben Affleck stars in the film's lead role

Hollywood actor and director Ben Affleck has admitted the American presidential election is a "great story" but any film he made about it would probably be a horror movie.

The Batman star, who directed Oscar-winning film Argo and is preparing to direct himself as the Dark Knight in The Batman, is a high-profile Democrat.

Asked if he would ever be tempted to make a film about the current race for the White House, he told the Press Association: "It's a great story. I don't know if it's a horror movie or a drama or what, but it is a great story."

However, if he ever does make a film about this turbulent time in American politics, he will have to look further than his current co-star for the cast.

Affleck and Pitch Perfect actress Anna Kendrick braved a torrential downpour to greet fans at the European premiere of The Accountant in Leicester Square - and Kendrick said she would not be game to relive the election on film.

She said: "Oh my god I don't want to think about this election ever again, I don't want a movie about it, I don't want to think about it."

The duo are currently celebrating the success of The Accountant in the US, where it toppled The Girl On The Train to win the weekend at the box office, taking 24.7 million dollars (£20.3 million).

Affleck admitted that kind of commercial triumph is important to him and he feels pressure to draw an audience.

He said: "You own it, when you're the lead in the movie people give you more responsibility than you deserve, maybe more credit than you deserve."

On the film's financial win, he said: "That was fabulous, this is a crowd-pleasing movie, this is a commercial movie and it needs to succeed in that way and needs to please the crowd and I'm so glad it did in that way and I hope it does have the same success in the UK and Europe."

In the movie he stars as a maths savant cooking the books for dangerous clients and using his small-town accountancy office as a front, and admitted it made him look at his own financial adviser in a different way.

"I have started wondering if my accountant is really a killer in secret," he said. "This film is very different from what I expected when I first read it, the movie is surprising and full of twists and has an interesting character to play from an actor's standpoint so that is what drew me to it."

The Accountant is released in UK cinemas on November 4.