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US resident Kate Beckinsale misses ‘self-deprecating humour’ of British men

The British actress currently lives in Los Angeles.

Kate Beckinsale has said she misses the British sense of humour (PA)
Kate Beckinsale has said she misses the British sense of humour (PA)

Kate Beckinsale has admitted to missing the British sense of humour – especially in men.

The UK-born actress, who lives in Los Angeles, said black cabs and Marks & Spencer were among the things she missed most about her home country.

But what she longed for most, she said, was the “self-deprecating humour” of British men, which she described as “really healthy”.

Kate Beckinsale stars in The Widow (Ian West/PA)

Asked what she noticed the absence of most, she replied: “I always say the same things, which is Marks & Spencer and black cabs and my mum, that’s a given.

“But what I mostly miss is everyone has the same silly references that you have, and a certain sort of sense of humour, most particularly in men.

“There’s a kind of machismo in America, I love that English men have a kind of self-deprecating humour about themselves, on the whole, and I think it’s really healthy and I miss that.”

The 45-year-old actress is dating the 25-year-old Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, who was in a high-profile relationship with singer Ariana Grande.

Beckinsale said Marks and Spencer and black cabs were among the things she missed most about the UK (Ian West/PA)

Beckinsale stars in The Widow, penned by Harry and Jack Williams, the screenwriting siblings behind Liar, Rellik and The Missing.

The British star plays a woman whose life is turned upside down when her husband of more than 10 years is reported dead following a plane crash in the Congolese jungle.

She described filming in South Africa as “gruelling” and said the intensity had left her in tears.

She said: “It was really intense and because it was also intense and long that’s quite gruelling, you’re crying for six months. It was quite intense.

“We were really lucky in that we had a very, very jolly African crew and our camera department were quite naughty and pranked me often with hiding snakes in props and various things like that.

“We were in a gentle, friendly war.”

The Widow airs on ITV from Monday April 8.



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