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Van Damme: I'm more secure an actor

Jean Claude Van Damme has said he feels "more secure" about his acting after taking on more serious roles.

The Belgian action hero told Empire magazine he has been working on more serious films to widen his acting repertoire, but he is still up for some fun.

He said: "The more serious roles I've been taking have definitely made me a better all-round actor. I feel more secure.

"I'm still having fun though. I just finished a movie called Welcome To The Jungle, which is totally a comedy: completely different from anything I've ever done."

And the Universal Solider star has been enjoying playing an over-the-top villain in action star ensemble extravaganza The Expendables 2.

He revealed: "I loved it. [Director] Simon West gave me the freedom to go over the top with it, so I really cut loose.

"I played a villain once before in Replicant, but he was more cold. My Expendables character, Jean Vilain, is something new..."


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