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Vanessa Redgrave goes behind the camera for new film

The Academy Award-winning actress makes her directing debut with Sea Sorrow,

Vanessa Redgrave says she worried about including her personal experiences in her new film about the migrant crisis.

The Academy Award-winning actress makes her directing debut with Sea Sorrow, a highly personal documentary that is set to premiere at this month’s Cannes Film Festival.

“I’ve identified all my life with refugees,” said 80-year-old Redgrave, who was one of thousands of children evacuated from London during the Second World War to escape German bombs.


A mix of documentary and drama, Sea Sorrow includes Redgrave’s experiences alongside interviews with current-day migrants and their supporters, including Alf Dubs, a British politician who fled Nazi-occupied Europe as a child.

“I got worried, of course, by not wanting the film to be about me,” she told The Associated Press.

“It’s about the refugees. But I do think that perhaps hopefully my telling the story alongside Alf Dubs and the refugees, that some people will realise the thing we were all taught — and which the government, (Winston) Churchill’s government, reminded people: It could happen to you.”

She said there was a danger that people had stopped seeing refugees as real people.


“Once upon a time they were at university. Once upon a time she was a doctor, he was a teacher. They’re real people,” said Redgrave, who has been a Unicef ambassador since 1990.

“I think everybody, including myself, are in danger of losing our humanity,” she added.

Redgrave says she learned a huge amount about filmmaking in her first foray as director, but isn’t sure she will do it again.

“I just directed to tell this story,” she said. “I’m not a filmmaker as such.”


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