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Vic and Bob working on Hotel movie

Vic Reeves has revealed he and Bob Mortimer are planning to make a film together about life in a hotel.

The comedy duo are moving on from Shooting Stars being axed and are aiming for the big screen, but insist they won't be taking influence from Fawlty Towers or Channel 4 documentary The Hotel.

Vic revealed: "We're doing another show which is top secret and we're writing a film. It's probably going to be about a hotel and some people trying to make a hotel work."

He added: "Its going to be nothing like Fawlty Towers, it's going to be more like a Mike Leigh film."

And the former I'm A Celebrity star said he wasn't inspired by reality TV show The Hotel either.

He said: "Bob's seen that, but I haven't seen it. Its not inspired by that, we had the idea long time ago and we're kind of working on that at the moment."

And as for the death of their long-running panel show Shooting Stars, he holds no grudges.

Vic said: "It's good to have a full stop and then move on. We finished on a high and we're moving on nicely."


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