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Viewers ‘gagging’ over Love Island cocktail challenge

Many fans said the challenge was unhygienic.


Love Island (Joel Anderson/ITV)

Love Island (Joel Anderson/ITV)

Love Island (Joel Anderson/ITV)

Love Island viewers said they were so sickened by the latest challenge that they couldn’t even watch it.

During Monday night’s instalment of the ITV2 show, the contestants were split, with the boys moving to Casa Amor with six new girls and the original girls welcoming six new guys.

The two sides then had to compete against each other in a cocktail-making race.

The twist was that the ingredients for drinks such as Pornstar Martinis had to be passed along the line of contestants from mouth to mouth, then the last person spat it into a glass.

Fans found the scenes hard to stomach, with some saying they were actually gagging.

“I’m so disgusted I can’t put it into words and I didn’t even watch the challenge I just listened to it,” posted one person on Twitter.

“I can’t actually watch this, I’m going to be sick,” said another.

One viewer posted: “No I’m gagging I can’t watch this I’m actually about to spew there’s no chance I would be taking part in this.”

“I honestly can’t even watch these spitting drinks in strangers mouths challenges without heaving,” said another.

Many said the challenge was unhygienic.

“I just feel there’s an epidemic of a deadly virus rn and World Health Organisation are screaming for high levels of hygiene but this is what love island is doing. Some of the people in ere don’t even know what corona virus is, out of order tbh,” said one viewer.

Love Island continues on ITV2 and in Ireland on Virgin Media One.