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Villa or Hotel? Where to Stay for your Disney World holiday


Choosing a place to stay on any holiday can be a difficult choice. However when faced with the vast choice of hotels, resorts and villas on offer in Orlando it is not surprising that it can be a difficult choice. There are essentially three different options: Hotels, Resorts and Villas.

Orlando hotels usually provide self contained rooms with no kitchen facilities bar tea and coffee and are great for couples or families to enjoy eating out. Hotels, however tend not to be such a good choice for families or groups of friends.

Resorts usually contain self catering accommodation with kitchen facilities. Although not usually over complex, it is possible to cook a decent meal for your family within a self catered apartment making these the most opted for accommodation option for families. Self catering means less expense eating out at restaurants as well as giving young children a more relaxed environment.

Villas in Orlando are a good option for large families or groups of friends as they can be much more economical as usually you only pay one lump sum for use of the villa which can then be spread out between different groups, whether family or friends. Usually with a lot more space than self catered apartments, and sometimes with a private pool, villas will also have their own normal sized kitchen making cooking a meal for a large group much easier. Villas also give children the chance to have more space to play and run around without parents worrying about disturbing other guests.

When you've chosen which type of accommodation you wish to book, you then need to decide whether you want to stay in a theme park hotel or a normal chain. Theme parks hotels such as the Disney World hotels, or the Universal Studios hotel offer a more engaging experience allowing you to stay, as Disney say "in the magic".

Disney World is able to offer the most comprehensive choice of accommodation with five different style of accommodation. Deluxe Disney Resorts, Deluxe Disney Villas, Deluxe hotels, Moderate Disney Resorts, Disney Value Resorts and a Disney Campsite, each offering a different experience with differing levels of luxury and price. When booking a Disney World hotel it is advisable to book through the Walt Disney Travel Company who can offer you advise on not only which type of hotel to book but all the added benefits of choosing to book with Disney.

Alternatively, there are hundreds of hotel, resorts and villas in and around Orlando all of which can offer varying level of luxury and price. The best deals on hotel and self catering resorts are usually found on travel websites including Expedia and Travel Supermarket, but the best deals on villas are usually found on private websites such as Florida Villa Company or similar, as a large proportion of villas are privately owned.

Whichever type of accommodation you choose, your holiday in Orlando is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience.

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