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Vince Vaughn takes on risky role


Vince Vaughn starred in Dodgeball

Vince Vaughn starred in Dodgeball

Vince Vaughn starred in Dodgeball

Vince Vaughn has signed up to play a hostage recovery expert in new thriller The Risk Agent.

The Dodgeball star will also co-produce the film with his company Wild West Picture Show Productions after they acquired the rights to the book by Ridley Pearson, Deadline reports.

Vince will play John Knox, an expert in combat and culture who works for Chinese firm Rutherford Risk, which specialises in hostage extraction, from negotiation to recovery.

Set in Shanghai the film follows the kidnapping of a Chinese National working for an American-owned construction company who is snatched in broad daylight, along with his bodyguard.

Rutherford Risk is called into help, with John and Grace Chu, a female forensic accountant who follows the money trail put on the case. John and Grace must put aside their differences to find the hostages before it is too late.

Vince will next be seen in the Frat pack Neighbourhood watch comedy The Watch, due out in August, and is currently filming The Internship with his Wedding Crashers co-star Owen Wilson and director Shawn Levy.

He has also just signed up to co-producer and star in action adventure Gunslingers.