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Von Trier won't cut Nymphomaniac

Lars von Trier will not be involved in the final cut of his latest film Nymphomaniac.

The controversial Danish director has left his five-and-a-half-hour sex epic starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgard, Uma Thurman and Shia LaBeouf in the hand of others to be cut down into two, two-hour films, The Hollywood Reporter revealed.

In an in-depth article on the making of the film, to be published in Danish cinema magazine Filmmagasinet Ekko, von Trier's long-time producer Peter Aalbaek Jensen said the director delivered a five-and-a-half-hour cut of the film. But the version that will premiere in Copenhagen on December 25 will be just four hours, and divided into two parts.

Jensen said the cuts were purely for commercial reasons and not to eliminate any of the films' many explicit sex scenes.

"The short version is against Lars' own will, but he accepts it because he understands market mechanisms," Ekko quoted him as saying.

"You cannot make a film for more than 60 million kroners (about 11 million dollars) that is so lengthy. Five-and-a-half-hours is so extreme that it reduces market value so radically that investors would have felt they had bought a pig in a poke."

There were initially plans to release both a hard-core and soft-core version of Nymphomaniac, but those plans have now been abandoned. Instead there will just be the hard-core version but distributors in individual countries can decide to blur whichever elements they find unacceptable. The Danish version will go with all the sex scenes in focus.

It is the first time ever after over 30 years of filmmaking that the 57-year-old director has given up on the final cut of his own film. Ekko reported that insiders have claimed von Trier hasn't even seen the shorter version of the film.

It is not known when and how Von Trier's director's cut will be released. Jensen denied reports that the film would go to the Cannes Film Festival next year.


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