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Von Trier's film gets summer shoot

Lars von Trier's next film, Nymphomaniac, is set to be his most controversial work.

The provocative Danish director has begun research for the drama, which will follow "the erotic life of a woman from the age of zero to the age of 50", and is expected to start shooting in summer 2012.

"We hope to start shooting next summer. This is following the normal schedule of Lars - a film every second year," his business partner and producer Peter Aalbaek Jensen told Screen Daily.

According to Peter, the filmmaker - who was declared a persona non grata at the Cannes Film Festival after making a string of inflammatory comments - is planning two versions to avoid the censors. But controversy is never far from Lars, who directed Antichrist and Melancholia.

"He (Lars) is really keen on doing this thing. I think that this will be a very amusing film also, very erotic but very funny also," Peter continued.

"I guess we have something which could generate some press attention. How pornographic it will be, that we have to see in terms of what financing dictates."

The film, which will be shot outside Denmark, will be made up of eight chapters, with names such as The Western And Eastern Church and The Little Organ School. There is no tentative release date as yet.


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