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Wait, what? Dwayne Johnson tells SpongeBob his nickname is Beef Piston

It was one of the more unusual Twitter moments of the day.

Dwayne Johnson entertained fans – and had many scratching their heads – during a bizarre exchange with SpongeBob SquarePants in which he revealed one of his nicknames is Beef Piston.

The unlikely moment happened when the official Twitter account for the children’s cartoon tweeted the actor and WWE star to ask what inspired his nickname The Rock.

Referring to the programme’s starfish character Patrick, who lives under a rock, the Twitter account wrote: “Hey @TheRock, what inspired your nickname… Patrick Star’s home? Either way, we love it! #SaySomethingNiceDay.”

Johnson replied: “Hi Bob, which nickname are you referring to? Big Daddy? The Rock? Samoan Thor? Beef Piston? Or the inappropriate one I earned back in college?”

He added: “Ps, love your work. DJ.”

Fans were highly amused with the fact that the Moana and Furious 7 star had responded to the cartoon character and referred to him as simply “Bob”, and also the reveal of his nicknames.

One person tweeted: “Beef piston. My heads gone at beef piston. I’m becoming a monk. Beef. Piston.”

Another joked: “Imagine if his name was beef piston instead of the rock.”

“If ‘beef piston’ is NOT the inappropriate nickname, now I’m really curious what that was,” one wrote directly to Johnson, hoping for an answer.

One tweeter described the Twitter exchange as “the crossover to end all crossovers” while another said they were “literally CRYING AT THE WORDS BEEF PISTON”.


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