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Walken: I'd love a wholesome role

Christopher Walken has said he'd love to be offered "wholesome roles".

The US actor, 70, said he'd like to play a grandfather, or father - instead of a villain - or even star in a big musical.

He told Radio Times magazine: "I think I got a kind of villainous, disturbed thing going on quite early in my career.

"There is a tendency... that if you do something that is a success, you might get asked to do it again," The Deer Hunter, Pulp Fiction and A View To A Kill star said.

"Of course there are things that I don't get offered very often. Things I'd like to do. Wholesome things.

"I don't tend to get offered 'dad' parts. Or granddad parts. Or avuncular parts. Men with families and jobs."

Annie Hall star Christopher, who next appears in BBC Two drama Turks And Caicos alongside Bill Nighy, said he tried not to spend too much time in Hollywood because he doesn't like getting behind the wheel.

The actor, who prefers his Connecticut farm, said: "I like Hollywood very much. The only difficulty I have there is with driving. I've never really been comfortable with driving and especially not in Los Angeles.

"I do a lot of walking - I put on a hat and go round the streets more or less like a jogger; nobody pays much attention, though there are certain dogs that always chase me. But if I lived there I would have to drive. And I do like the East Coast. I also like the seasons."


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