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Walker had fun with action stunts

Late star Paul Walker told how much he enjoyed doing death-defying movie stunts in the last interview before he died.

The Fast And Furious star played an undercover policeman in French-Canadian crime drama Brick Mansions, his last completed role before his death in a car crash last November.

In his last interview, he talked about his love for doing the stunts, saying: "The big part of the reason I wanted to do this movie was I get to go play! I get to go and face physical challenges. I get to go race off rooftops, race cars. You know, do fun guy stuff.

"We're running rooftops getting shot at but the whole time, we're laughing at death. I mean, people are shooting at us and we're running back towards guys with guns, it's pretty over the top. This movie doesn't take itself serious so we can't take ours seriously in it but at the same time we wanted it to look cool. We wanted it to have a fun feel about it."

Paul and his friend Roger Rodas were killed on November 30 when the car they were in crashed in California.

The actor, who shared the screen alongside rapper RZA and parkour star David Belle, said in his final interview that the film was very different from his role as Brian O'Conner in the Fast And Furious movies.

"You come in on this one and it's scaled back but it's part of the challenge coming in, saying, 'OK, look how are we going to make this stand out?'" he explained.

"The technical challenge is figuring how to make it work and trying to think of better ways to sell things and make it funny while at the same time making it visually dynamic."

:: Brick Mansions is out on DVD and Blu-ray on September 8.


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