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Walters: I thought Rita was awful

Julie Walters has admitted the first time she saw herself in Educating Rita, she thought she'd given a rubbish performance.

The Harry Potter star was Oscar nominated for the 1983 role as a woman desperate to gain her freedom through education, but told TV Times she had been so upset by how badly she thought it had gone that she cried.

She said: "I thought I was dreadful in it. When I first saw the film, I said, 'Oh God, it's awful. And I'm awful in it.' I went straight to the toilets and started crying.

"When our lovely director, Lewis Gilbert, was talking about possible Oscar nods I genuinely thought he was mad."

Julie, 64, said she also had vivid memories of the film's premiere: "I did meet Sean Connery at the premiere, though. I had a crush on him as a teenager and he walked past me and slapped me on the bum. It was really funny."


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