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War vet's Hurt Locker 'ridicule'

An Iraq war veteran who claims he is the basis for The Hurt Locker writes in a court filing that the film has subjected him to ridicule and doubts about his bomb disposal prowess.

Sgt Jeffrey Sarver states that the Oscar-winning film relies heavily on his experiences and background. He signed his filing on Tuesday while serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Days before the 2010 Oscars, Sarver sued the makers of The Hurt Locker, including director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal.

Boal profiled Sarver in a story for Playboy magazine.

Sarver's filing states some of the film's scenes contradict proper actions, and fellow service members have questioned his abilities since the movie's release.

Bigelow, Boal and the producers of the film want the case dismissed.


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