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Wasikowska liked the cold Eyre

Mia Wasikowska has admitted that she was surprised by how cold the Derbyshire moors were during the filming of Jane Eyre.

The Alice In Wonderland actress has the lead role in the new film adaptation of the Charlotte Bronte novel.

"It was so cold, I think I got hypothermia on the second day of shooting but I'm a winter creature, so I liked it," the Australian said.

Mia, a former ballerina who made the switch to acting at 15, struggled to get used to the restrictive costumes.

"They transform you," she said.

"They allow so little room for movement, you instantly understand that awful repression and restriction of the age. I don't know how women did it. It's so cruel and unnatural."

Mia, whose screen credits include In Treatment and The Kids Are All Right, said: "We're so pampered in our life as actors, but I never take that for granted. Ballet dancers work just as hard, if not more so, with one per cent of the help."


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