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Watch: Liam Neeson back in action with new thriller Run All Night

Ballymena's best action man is back and this time Liam Neeson is on a mission to protect his estranged son.

Run All Night is due to be released in March 2015 and stars Neeson as a prolific hit man and mobster who takes on his former boss played by Ed Harris.

In the first full length trailer it gives the first glimpse of the 62-year-old in the thriller who enjoyed recent box office success with the third instalment of the Taken series.

True to form the Taken star delivers some key punch-lines and one-liners as he vows to protect his son played by Joel Kinnaman who is now the target of his former mob boss.

In the trailer, boss Ed Harris warns Neeson: "I'm coming after your boy with everything I got and when it's done, and it will be done, then I'll let you die."

As the title suggests - they go on the run all night with Neeson vowing: "Right now we are the most wanted men in this city. I know how this works.

"You have to worry about staying alive. I'm the best chance you've got. Listen to your father for one night."

In January the third instalment of the action-packed Taken series took the box office by storm which saw Liam reprising his role as vengeance-seeking ex-CIA agent Bryan Mills.

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