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Watch: Q Radio's Ibe Sesay tackles Ninja Warrior UK - 'My kids made me do it!'

Pictured: Ibe Sesay. (C) ITV Plc
Pictured: Ibe Sesay. (C) ITV Plc

By Jackie Bell

Q Radio presenter Ibe Sesay has said his inspiration to take part in ITV's hit entertainment show Ninja Warrior UK came from his kids constantly telling him to give it a go.

The popular DJ, 37, from Lisburn, will appear on screen this weekend as the series returns to Saturday night primetime TV, and he admits he still can't believe he was lucky enough to take part.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, he explained: "My kids love Ninja Warrior, they've watched every episode that's ever been on TV and every time they would say, 'Dad, Dad, Dad... you need to get on that!'

He added: "Last year one of the guys at the radio station saw the auditions were coming to Belfast and mentioned it to me, so I just went for it.

"I didn't think I did overly well, but sure enough I got through.

"I couldn't believe it and the kids were escatic."

Along with his wife Colleen, Ibe headed off to England with their four children Katie (15), Mollie (12), Stephen (8), and Daniel (7), who all cheered their dad on from the sidelines as he tackled the infamous Ninja Warrior course.

On getting fit for the challenge, Ibe said: "In the audition process they do put you through quite vigorous tests to see how strong you are and I passed that so you would have to have a certain level of fitness.

"But whenever I was told I was I was going to be on the show, a personal trainer contacted me and trained me as much as he could .

"I definitely had to make an effort - I had to lose my beer belly for a start!"

Pictured: Ibe Sesay. (C) ITV Plc

He continued: "The experience of taking part was fantastic. Usually TV sets look smaller in real life than what they are, it was the complete opposite for Ninja Warrior.

"It was in a huge auditorium and the assault course took up the whole building.

"The atmosphere was electric - I wasn't nervous until I walked into that auditorium. I had a ball, it was just a great overall experience."

But the big question now is - did Ibe manage to complete the course?

"I haven't told anybody how I've done," he said.

"Obviously Colleen and the kids know, but I didn't reveal the outcome to anyone else. People keep asking me but I want it to be a surprise for everybody, if they all knew it would be no fun watching it on the night.

"Some of the guys at Q Radio are taking bets on how well I do - do I hit the red button or do I get wet?

"Stephen Clements thinks I'll get wet, his co-presenter Cate Conway thinks I'm gonna hit the red button, so it's a mixed bag of faith in me."

Pictured: Johann Drayne (C) ITV Plc

Also taking part in Ninja Warrior UK this weekend is 18-year-old maths student Johann Drayne from Aghalee, Co Armagh.

Presented by Ben Shephard, Rochelle Humes, and Chris Kamara, Ninja Warrior UK airs on ITV on Saturday, April 14 at 6.30pm.

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