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Watts: Diana comparisons tough

Naomi Watts has described the struggles she faced in taking on the role of Princess Diana.

The actress plays the title role in Diana, which was released in the UK in September and has just had its New York premiere.

She said everyone had had an opinion on what Diana should be like: "Everyone feels they know her and they thought they had an opinion about who she was and their version of the story must be true and the comparisons that will be made inevitably."

But Cas Anvar, who played Dodi Fayed in the film about the last years of Diana's life, said he thought strong opinions were a good thing.

He said: "Personally I would rather be part of a project that inspires massive debate and controversy than a project that just fades away with a whimper. Any kind of uproar or upheaval usually is a good thing and indicative of a good story."


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