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Weaver: Good to be a late bloomer

Sigourney Weaver reckons her latest movie will strike a chord with anyone who has had an "awkward high school experience".

In new comedy You Again, the Alien actress plays Ramona, a highly successful career woman who, exuding confidence, beauty and wealth, jets in from Europe for the wedding of her niece and the son of her high school rival Gail, played by Jamie Lee Curtis.

"I think Ramona is someone who is really trying to compensate for her past lacklustre years and so rolls into this town determined to convince everybody she has it all," Sigourney said. "I know people like that and it's a lot of work."

She thinks the story will resonate with many people, since your secondary school years, brief as they are, can have a lasting impact.

"Like everyone I had the awkward high school experience," she says laughing.

She remembers one girl being particularly offensive: "She was horrible and I still don't know why. I was such a loser in high school, I can't imagine why anyone would waste time being mean to me. Why even bother? But I feel fortunate because a lot of the other girls at my school were nice to me.

"I think out of pity, they took me under their wing, so I got to hang out with a lot of cool people eventually."

Sigourney believes being a late bloomer has its benefits: "It's so much easier to grow into yourself and I think your choices end up being interesting.

"My dearest friends and I, we were such a mess for such a long time. I want girls to know that doesn't mean you'll be a mess forever, it will all work out."

:: You Again is in UK cinemas from today (Nov 12).


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