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Weaver's baby face kept her young

Jacki Weaver has revealed she was still playing children into her 30s because she had such a young-looking face.

The Animal Kingdom actress said she was enjoying getting the tough matriarch characters she has enjoyed recently in films such as Parkland.

She said: "I've played virgins for so long. I was still playing children into my 30s. I've always been small and baby faced so it used to be very frustrating when I was 30, still playing teenagers."

Jacki continued: "Now that I'm 66 I'm still getting roles of women in their 50s and I figure I'm getting paid back for losing out back then."

The actress who worked with Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook and with Emma Stone in the upcoming Magic In The Moonlight, revealed the advice she had given her younger co-stars.

"Don't wear stilettos all the time, because you'll get arthritis in your feet," she said, explaining that was a problem she suffered from.

Jacki stars as Lee Harvey Oswald's mother in Parkland, in cinemas now.


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