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Weekend interview: Jenny Platt - 'My Corrie St tragedy'

By Emma Pomfret

Barmaid Violet Wilson collapses as a result of an ectopic pregnancy on Coronation Street on January 1

Things haven't been easy lately for Jenny Platt's Coronation Street character, barmaid Violet Wilson. First she broke up with boyfriend Jamie Baldwin; then she got the shock of her life when she discovered he was involved with Frankie, his stepmother.

But things are set to get even worse, when Violet collapses in agony on New Year's Day as a result of a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy.

"Violet finds out that she is pregnant with Jamie's baby a little while before Christmas and as far as she's concerned everything is fine health-wise," the pretty Ipswich-born actress explains.

"When she realises that she's pregnant I think her immediate reaction is to get a termination because she's not with anybody and things aren't exactly going great with Jamie. But she quite quickly changes her mind and decides that she wants to keep the baby.

"I think Violet still likes Jamie and hasn't completely lost her feelings for him, and so she does tell him about the pregnancy because it's only fair."

However, because Violet is honest with Jamie, he then decides to come clean with her too and ends up confessing all about his affair with Frankie - which is the last thing poor Violet wants to hear.

"Violet thinks that maybe they were seeing each other while she and Jamie were still together, and she just gets really angry, and tells everybody in the pub about their affair.

"She feels betrayed, not only by Jamie, but by Frankie as she was always so nice to Violet, and also Sean because she's known Sean for years and he's supposed to be her best friend.

"She just hates the fact that Sean felt more loyalty to Jamie than to her," she adds.

As if it's not enough that her ex-lover is now shacked up with his stepmother, things somehow go from bad to worse for Violet.

On New Year's Day she starts to feel really unwell in the Rovers.

"Feeling ill is not really that unusual at that stage of pregnancy and she just puts it down to morning sickness, but then she gets really bad pain in her shoulder which is so bad that she ends up going home from work and collapsing with terrible stomach pains.

"During an ectopic pregnancy the foetus develops in the fallopian tubes rather than in the womb, and the reason that Violet initially experiences such excruciating pain in her shoulder is because the tubes often rupture, causing internal bleeding," 27-year-old Jenny explains.

In fact, an ectopic pregnancy can prove fatal and can also reduce a woman's chances of having children in the future.

"That's why it's so sad for Violet when it all goes wrong because she's just come round to the idea of being a mother - she hasn't just lost her baby, she might have difficulty having children altogether."

On a more positive note, Jenny says that Violet and Jamie are bought a little closer together by the tragedy.

"Losing the baby makes Violet and Jamie friends again because after going through something like that it makes sense for them to put stuff into the past.

"But still, I really hope she has more luck in the future - she could really do with it!" Jenny laughs.

"I don't know what they've got planned for Violet in the long-term, but it would definitely be nice if she could have a boyfriend that doesn't muck her about."

As for Jenny herself, her own festive plans couldn't be more different to her on-screen character's traumatic Christmas.

"I'm doing the usual family thing and going back to my Mum and Dad's for Christmas - you can't beat your Mum's cooking," she grins.

"But I've got a real thing about New Year's Eve - it always seems like such a let down as it's the biggest party night of the year so you always end up going out, but then you can't get a drink and everywhere is really expensive.

"I'd like to try to have a house party or just hang out with my family, " she smiles.

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