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Welles' memorabilia up for auction

Orson Welles fans have the chance to snap up some of his personal possessions and film memorabilia when they are put up for auction.

A camera, scripts and photos from the set of the director and writer's Oscar-winning 1941 movie Citizen Kane are among the items being sold off by his youngest daughter Beatrice Welles.

She discovered the relics last year in boxes and decided to sell them, saying her dad - who died in 1985 aged 70 - would have preferred the memorabilia to go to film buffs and fans than a museum.

"It's about the last thing he would've wanted. He just did not believe in schooling, he did not believe in academic things," Beatrice said. "And museums kind of have that connotation and I thought 'No, this is not right for him'."

In total, Heritage Auctions will be selling more than 70 items on April 26.

Margaret Barrett, director of entertainment-related auctions, said she expects all the lots to fetch decent bids.

"People are still talking about him decades after his death," she said. "One of the enduring signs of fame is when young people know who someone is - someone who might have passed away decades ago."

Beatrice also revealed her father wasn't always comfortable with being revered as a film genius.

She explained: "He would say, 'There are only probably three geniuses ever that existed, one of them being Einstein. I don't put myself in that category'."


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