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West 'attracted' to action role

Dominic West has admitted it was "challenging" to film the fight scenes in his new sci-fi flick.

The Hour star plays tribe leader Sab Than in the movie John Carter.

The 42-year-old said: "I haven't done many action movies. Most of my work tends to be language-based because I do a lot of theatre, so I was very attracted to the idea of immersing myself in an almost completely action role.

"The fights were challenging. We did about four weeks of pretty intense fight training, because I had to get the style of the Zodangan swordfighting down. I'm not a particularly good fighter and I got through countless wooden swords."

Dominic had to grapple with Canadian heart-throb Taylor Kitsch in the epic fantasy, directed by Andrew Stanton.

He said of Taylor: "He deserves every ounce of success he gets. He really worked hard and got beaten up.

"Everything he does in the film, he did 50 times more in real life. By the end of filming, we were really worried about him - I thought he needed a year off in hospital."


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