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West set to freak out in Pride

Dominic West will perform a disco dance in his upcoming film Pride.

The Wire actor revealed he would be showing off his dancefloor moves in the Brit flick about gay people and miners supporting each other during the miners' strike.

Dominic, who can soon be seen as Richard Burton in the BBC Four drama Burton And Taylor, said: "I'm doing this brilliant British film called Pride which is about how the lesbians and gays supported the miners and vice versa during the miners' strike which is a good British film."

His Burton And Taylor co-star Helena Bonham Carter asked whether he had to learn any new accents for the role, to which he replied: "No, I just have to do an amazing disco dance."

Helena then asked him: "What song are you going to dance to?"

Dominic said: "Le Freak by Chic," and his co-star predicted: "That's gonna be good."

Burton And Taylor is set to air on BBC Four at 9pm on July 22.


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