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Whedon: Hemsworth is a true pro

Chris Hemsworth is "dreamy" to work with, according to Avengers Assemble director Joss Whedon.

The Australian hunk reprises his role as Thor in the superhero blockbuster, and also worked alongside Joss in new horror flick The Cabin In The Woods.

"Chris is dreamy, he's a really fun guy. He's very down to earth, he's one of those guys who wakes up grateful, he loves the work, he loves being the single handsomest person who ever lived, he just enjoys himself," the filmmaker said.

"When we were doing Cabin and the first time we gave him a low angle close-up we were like, 'Wow, he's a movie star. In fact I think he's Captain America. He should play Captain America.'

"And then a month later they were calling in saying, 'We're thinking about him in Thor'. In Thor he's so good he's ridiculous, he's a comic book come to life."

Next up for the Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator is the sci-fi romance In Your Eyes, starring Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David.

"It's pretty much a straight-up romance about two people who can never be in the same room through the whole of the film," Joss said.

"It's a very sweet, romantic, empowering thing that the two of them are going to make really lovely."

:: The Cabin In The Woods is out on April 13.


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