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Whedon: I've always been comic fan

Joss Whedon reckons he's in the best position to direct The Avengers, because he is a huge comic book fan.

The filmmaker, who readily admitted he is a "fanboy", said at the SXSW festival in the US that he wanted to make the blockbuster different from all the other superhero-type films that had been made.

"I want to see these guys do everything they can do, both physically and emotionally. All of those things have been in my DNA since I was a tiny child," he told The Playlist.

"I look at the Avengers and say, 'This team doesn't make any sense at all.' But I work with that because it doesn't make sense to them either. So it's a story of isolated people who come together."

Joss - who has also directed upcoming horror flick Cabin In The Woods - drew inspiration from war films he had seen.

"I looked at it and the first thing I ever said to the people at Marvel was, 'I want to make a war movie'," he recalled.

"I felt like I had Earth's Mightiest Heroes and... I felt like a lot of these movies have a good set-up but they're always fighting a slightly bigger version of themselves. The feeling I get from a good war movie is the feeling I wanted to have."

But the 47-year-old admitted he hesitated before saying yes to the directing challenge.

"It unfolded slowly. But that might be because I'm slow," he quipped.


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