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Where are the IRA when you need them? - Bart Simpson

Doh! Have The Simpsons put their foot in it by poking fun at our enthusiasm for parades?

In a controversial episode already aired in the US, Mayor Quimby declares in the hit cartoon show that St Patrick’s Day will be “booze free”, prompting Bart to quip: “Where are the IRA when you need them?”

As soon as the St Patrick’s Day parade starts, Lisa remarks: “Oh no, the Northern Irish are also having a parade,” as a group of orange-coloured men walk down the street holding ‘Pride of Ulster’ placards.

A shocked Bart replies: “There are two kinds of Irish people? What are they fighting over — who gets to sleep in the bathtub?”

Moe then butts in with: “Actually those Prods and Cathys have hated each other for centuries,” as a brawl breaks out between the Northern and Southern characters.

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