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White Dee headed for film stardom

Benefits Street star Deirdre "White Dee" Kelly has landed her first film role.

The star of the Channel 4 documentary series, who also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother this year, has been cast in film Ray And Liz, according to the Birmingham Mail.

She will play the obese and heavily tattooed mother of Birmingham photographer Richard Billingham, who rose to fame after publishing a book of photos of his family called Ray's A Laugh in 1996.

The photos featured the poverty he lived in with his alcoholic father and obese mother, and were shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2001.

Dee's manager Barry Tomes said of her involvement: "So far we have only seen Dee as herself. She is not a dancer, singer or actor. I think it will be really interesting to see her playing someone else.

"She has the script and is really keen to do it, although she has other commitments around the same time so we are looking to ensure her schedule is clear."

Her other commitments include travelling to the US for work including a project with Celebrity Big Brother winner Gary Busey, a documentary in Asia, a TV show about women and football, and a tour of UK nightclubs.

Barry continued: "She'll pay more tax on her earnings this year than she has ever received in benefits but she still has people criticising her.

"She can't seem to do anything right. But I am glad that she is now on the right medication and counselling and she is moving her life in a positive direction."

Dee recently had to flee her home in James Turner Street, which was featured in the Channel 4 show, as her children were allegedly being targeted with racist abuse.


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